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The mission

The mission of the school is to provide an excellent education that empowers each of our student to reach their full potential. The overall aim is to break the cycle of poverty faced by them and their family members. The school helps the students to develop into empowered indian citizens and role models in their communities.





Little Stars School is a Hindi-medium school, with enhanced English and uses the Uttar Pradesh Board curriculum. Hindi is the main instructional language. Maths and Social Studies are also taught in English. The school educates children from pre-nursery through the 12th class and in near future up to standard 12. We aim high and hope to send as many students as possible to university.

  Pre-Nursery Nursery Class 1 to 8 Class 9 + 10 Class 11 + 12
  Hindi Hindi Hindi Hindi "Arts Stream"
  English English English Sanskrit Hindi
  Math Math Math English English/Urdu/Sanskrit
  Drawing Science Science Math History
  Physical training Physical training Social Studies Physics Socialogy/Phychology/Education/Geography
  Projects Gen. Knowledge Environmental St. Biology Civics
Drawing Gen. Knowledge Chemistry "Commerce Stream"
   Physical training Drawing History Hindi
   Projects Physical training Civics English
   Projects Geography Accountancy
   Economics Bussiness organization (B.O.)
   Home Sc. (Girls) Banking
   Drawing "Science Stream"
   Physical training Hindi
   Projects English
   Computer Science physics

From our newsletter, February 2010

Vocational training

Students who are not academically inclined or who must contribute financially to their families' are currently provided additional vocational training in:
Beautician courses;

Computer and Communication Technology;

Health Care

Our students come from illiterate families who often lack basic shelter and nutritional needs. As such, we aim to provide nutritional supplements, as well as annual medical check-ups for all our students.


Small classes

The students encounter a lot of disadvantages: illiterate parents, no help for homework and no money for extra tuition. So quality education can only be obtained during school hours in not too big classes.

A class size of about 30 children gives our kind of students the best chance of school success. The demand for schooling from the community however is high. That’s why the classes 1 – 6 are up to 50 students. The expansion will reduce the class size to 30 students. The fee free Government school - except books and uniform - often have classes upto 100 students.

Teacher training

Every year teachers’ training is conducted by a specialized trainer. We have started the practice of inviting teachers from other non-profit schools to join. The results of training have a clear improvement in our students learning! Volunteers are welcome to share their educational views and skills!

Training on the spot

During the year Asha Pandey conducts weekly observations and gives advice about class management, lesson plans, didactics and monthly and half-yearly exams.

Raising teachers' salaries

A school for the poor is also a poor school. Teachers’ salaries paid are far below the local teacher average. In the past, we provided teacher training but lost 80% annually to higher paying jobs. In the last two years we were able to raise salaries some and now we have 60% retention, which is making a visible difference in our students' education. However, the salaries we are able to offer are not near market wage for qualified teachers. We try to get special donations for the teachers salaries.


We keep attendance records and check them every week. If it is less than 75% we contact the parent, which usually involves a home visit.


We give extra care and attention to making sure girl students are succeeding. Our motto is: “When you educate a girl, you educate a family”.

After graduation

After graduation from grade 10 and 12 students are encouraged to go on for higher education or vocational training, and support as many of them as possible financially through sponsorships.






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