Become a volunteer

Volunteers who respect the culture of our school are welcome at LSS. Why? Volunteers come from many parts of the world and they introduce to our students different cultures. The contact between you and our school is a good approach for Global Education. When we share our different experiences and backgrounds everyone learns more. Most volunteers stay for at least one month, but shorter workshops and performances are also possible. Student-volunteers can possibly obtain study marks for their own education.

What can volunteers do?

Sharing your skills, experience and loving kindness is the best way to help. To get an idea what can be done:

There is a wide range of possibilities for volunteering. Still not sure if you can volunteer? Email us and we can find out if we can match your offer with the needs of LSS.

How to become a LSS volunteer?

Write an email with a short note about your motivation, the amount of time you have available and the kind of volunteer work that you can/want to contribute. Attach a CV to your email and we will reply.

Before you contact us, please consider the following guidelines:
You are

Our Offer

We hope to welcome you soon.

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