Girls Hostel Shanti Niketan

In 2004, the Little Stars hostel was founded by Asha Pandey and Chicca Fioretto. The 2nd floor of the school is now the home for 20-35 girls in the age of 3 to 19 years. The hostel has a staff of 6 persons who create a family atmosphere. It is a safe home for orphans and street girls.

The hostel started with street girls from the Dasasvamedha Ghat in the centre of Varanasi. Most of these girls still only have a father. He is often so addicted to drugs that he is not able to look after the child.

Now most of the girls are coming via Childline. This is a national Indian organization and their mission is to “reach out to every child in need and ensure their rights and protection.”

Another important contact is the local police nearby Nagwa. The hostel regularly gets request to house girls whose mother has died and whose father is not able to take care of his daughter(s). For that reason we have two pairs of sisters in the hostel.

Also the hostel primarly depends on private donations, although it regularly has inspections from the government.

Volunteers often come to give special attention to the girls. After school time, they organize art projects, help them with their work, read to them, take them on field trips or doctor visits, and talk to them about their native countries. Many of the girls have come to love meeting and getting to know the people that visit here, and they are all excited when volunteers come back again.

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Some girls say : "Hello, I am…

Anshika (7 years, class 1) I lived in the village with my mother but there was no good school. Here I like it because I have good friends. We can dance and play. I like to be a drawing or dance teacher.

Netra (9 years, class 3) I lived with my parents but my father and my mother died. I like to be in the hosteland I want to be an engineer.

Vidhi (10 years, class UKG) First I lived with my parents. Than my father and my mother died so I could go to the hostel. In the hostel we are all sisters and I can study. and later I hope to become a teacher.

Jyoti Vishkwakarma (13 years, class 7) Before I came to the school I lived with my mother. After she died I went to the hostel. I like it to be here because I can study well. Later I hope to be a dance teacher.

Shobhana Pandey (14 years, class 8) My mother and my daddy died when I lived in Naghwar. I like to go here because I want to study. It is nice because I study well and in free time we are singing. I hope to be an actress later.

Ankita Pandey (16 years, class 10) In the village where I lived with my father, there was no good education. Here in the hostel it is fine. I can complete my study and learn many other things like computing. I like to read and sometimes to clean. I hope I can study more and become a doctor.  

The hostel is officially registered as Shanti Niketan, Peaceful Home.

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