The picture

This picture, made in 2007, shows the third and fourth floor of the “old” school. Four classes are in action! It is also the floor with the kitchen, dormitory, bathroom, and the cupboards for the hostel girls. We desperately needed more space! But above all, parents of poor families were lining up to get their children admitted in our fee free school. They had all heard about the friendly school climate and the consistency and quality of teaching.

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” Confucius

Unique in Varanasi

In 2010 we start the construction of an expansion three hundred meters from the present building. In July 2012 are ready for schooling the basement, the ground floor, and the first floor.  In July 2013 teaching starts at the second floor. In September 2014 the school receives again a generous donation for the building of the third floor and for schooling in order to add class 11 and 12!

In November 2014 begins the building of the third floor. In July 2014 class 11 starts in two classrooms on the third floor. In July 2015 the third floor is ready for schooling. Little Stars School is now unique in Varanasi, there is not another fee free school for students of class 9 – 12! We educate now more than 900 students of poor families.

The Basement

The brand new library and the computer lab are situated in the basement. Parents, teachers and big group meetings will also take place there.

The Groundfloor

On the ground floor there are two classrooms, a playground, students’ toilets, two staff rooms, a small kitchen and a room in which a guard is living permanently. In one of the two classrooms is the science lab, and the other that borders the playground has only three walls. Thus, it can also be used as a stage for celebrations of the many national and Hindu festivals and for guest speakers.

The First Floor

On the first floor there are 5 classrooms, a room for the vice principal, students’ toilets and the teachers’ toilet.

The Second Floor

The second floor includes 4 classrooms and 4 toilets. One big classroom is the art room for all sorts of creativity activities. There is also a small rooms for many purposes.

The Third Floor in 2013-14

There are 4 classrooms on the third floor, including one big room where eventually big group meetings  and exams can take place. There is small rooms for coaching and supervision. 

The Roof Top

On the rooftop there are a concrete water tank of 5000 liters and two toilets. Planned is a garden with shaded places for small group classes. Costly will be the protection against the free roaming monkeys.

Thanks to a donation from Singapore we could install solar panels, which provide electricity for the whole day!. 

“It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us as the confident knowledge that they will help us.” Epicurus

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