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Because you care

Little Stars School relies on donations and support from friends, friends of friends and volunteers, all of whom care deeply for our kind of students and the hostel girls. Please help spread the word and get involved in anyway you can!





 1 Get involved as a Friend of Little Stars School

You can choose to become are a friend of Little Stars School in various ways, for instance:

  •   Join our mailing list. You will receive our monthly newsletter and annual report. Please click here to join.
  •   Encourage your nearest and dearest, friends, friends of friends, colleagues or neighbors to visit our website.
  •   Make Little Stars School your friend on Facebook.
  •   Inform your various contacts about Little Stars School and this website with Twitter.
  •   Visit our videos on YouTube.
  •   Support us with a donation of any amount. Please, find out more here.

Please let us know about your friendship. We would like to thank you.


“You will make more friends in a week by getting yourself interested in other people than you can in a year by trying to get people interested in you." Arnold Bennett


 2 Get involved as a Partner of Little Stars School

You are a Partner of Little Stars School if you support Little Stars financially for at least 3 consecutive years.

LSS depends on support from individual donors rather than large foundations. Consistency and commitment of donations provides security for our proper planning and budgeting. Please find out more here.


 3 Get involved as a Volunteer of Little Stars School

You can become a volunteer in school, either in the girls hostel or the staff, please find out more here


Goals for donation

We are happy to accept one time or recurrent donations. We use donations strictly for the goal as intended by the donor. Always remember, any amount helps!


  • Support a day student’s books, stationary, shoes and school uniforms: Rs 600, $14, € 10 per month.
  • Support education: teachers’ salaries, teachers’ training, books, stationery, and other learning material: Rs 3000, $ 67, € 50 per
  • Support a hostel girl’s accommodation and education: Rs 3600, $ 80, € 60 per month.
  • Support a promising student or hostel girl after class 12, enabling him or her to gain a higher education and become, for                instance, an engineer, teacher, doctor, nurse, IT-specialist, accountant, or manager. The costs can be between Rupees 60,000 –    100,000 per year, depending on the career chosen. You will be able to establish a personal longtime connection with your                student. Please click here to meet 4 of our promising students.

How to donate?

Dutch citizens

In the Netherlands funding is coordinated by Conny van Staalen-van Leeuwen, who establised 2 foundations. Donations are exempted from income tax. Please mention: for Little Stars School.

Stichting Benares Schoolfonds te Wouw
Rabobank: 19 34 91 353

Stichting Benares Bouwfonds te Wouw
Rabobank: 12 75 06 349

UK Citizens

Friends of Little Stars is a registered with HMRC in the UK as a charity. We have a bank account with LloydsTSB and aggregate donations there for sending directly on to Little Stars in Varanasi. We qualify for Gift Aid.

Account name is: Friends of Little Stars
Sort Code: 30-98-29
Account Number: 45980560
Chairperson: Eleanor Archer
Treasurer: Kieran Archer


US citizens

The residents of USA can get full tax deductions on their U.S. income taxes if they donate funds to Little Stars School (LSS) thru the Gupta Foundation based in Philadelphia.
Simple make check payable to The Gupta Foundation and mail it at: 6 Fetlock Lane Blue Bell, PA 19422-2459 U.S.A.
Chuck Gupta, President of the Foundation, will send you a tax deductible receipt for the I.R.S.

  •   Be sure to put LSS on the memo line of the check.
  •   Provide your email or postal address to get the receipt.
  •   Feel free to call Chuck at 215-248-4123 if you have any questions.
  •   Sent an email to LSS, and we will contact you.



Donations can be made by sending a cheque, by Western Union, or using the bank account as given below.

Little Stars School is a NGO that is governed by a board of trustees comprised of local business and academic leaders. For official government of India purposes the school is registered as Rishi Pragatisheel Shiksan Sansthan and the hostel as Balika Shanti Sadan. LSS received FCRA registration, which allows it to receive foreign donation. LSS was recently approved as a category 35 AC organization which enables the school to receive tax-free donations from Indian citizens.


Name Bank:


State Bank of India, Branch Assi, Varanasi, 221005 U.P. India
Name: Rishi Pragatisheel Shikshan Sansthan
Account: 10370696066


Western Union
B1-108 Assi Ghat Varanasi
Varanasi, 221010


Cheques can be sent to:
Little Stars School (Asha Pandey)
Shiv Puri Colony
N – 1/59 A – 23 - 22
Nagwa–Lanka Varanasi
Pin No – 221005, U.P. India

Four Promising Students:

Jatin Singh – Class 6

Jatin is living without a father right now, but the rent for his house is a lot, 3000 Rs. ($48). His mother is a housewife and takes care of her daughter, and one more son. While Jatin’s situation is hard, he is very interested in science at the moment, and would love to pursue science related studies after completing school at Little Stars.

Shivani Mishra—Class 6

Shivani’s situation is “very difficult, and there are many crises in her life” at the moment. Her mother, Leka, takes care of two boys, and one other girl. Her father, Ajit, is a teacher. He earns approximately 3500 Rs. per month ($56). Rent every month is 2000 Rs., leaving the family with $24 to spend. Shivani would be thrilled if a sponsorship came her way.

Purnima Paswan – Class 9

Purnima is 15 years old and is in Class 9. She has lived in the Shanti Niketan hostel since she was 4; her parents are poor farmers in a nearby village. At Little Stars, she is an outstanding student: she speaks very fluent English and wants to become a doctor to make her father’s dream come true. She often leads the morning assembly and helps teachers around the school. At the hostel, she loves to translate for foreign volunteers, cook, and of course, study. She has four older brothers who she loves very much, and is always looking forward to holidays she gets to spend with them.

Deepali Mehrotra – Class 11

Deepali is an incredibly voracious student. Her favorite subject is English, and in her free time, she loves to read books. When asked what she wanted to be when grew up, her answer was “I am not sure, but maybe a teacher.” Her home life, however, has been continuously difficult. Her father, Srikrishna, abandoned her family because of mental issues, and was also an alcoholic. Her mother, Ranjani, scrapes by to pay the Rs. 3500 ($56) rent for their house, leaving her with very little to support Deepali and two other daughters. Besides these ever-reaching hardships, Deepali has done a terrific job in school, and would benefit tremendously from a sponsorship.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please feel free to contact us

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